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- The largest Western producer of Indium Phosphide substrates covering all dopants (Fe, Sn, Zn, S) and all diameters (2", 3", 4").
- Dedicated exclusively to InP, InPACT provides high-performance substrates for a wide range of devices for both micro (HBT, HEMT) and optoelectronic (LED, LD, PIN, APD).

- Founded in 1988, InPACT has an extensive manufacturing experience (18+ years) of InP.
- InPACT is an independent, private company owned by three founders and two Venture capitalists (Banexi Ventures from BNP Group and Innovacom from France Telecom Group).
- The plant is located in the French Alps, near the high tech Center of Grenoble. With the current design, it enables to triple production capacity within 6 months. A $10 million investment for a state-of-the-art crystal growth and wafer processing plant.

- InPACT serves 100+ customers worldwide. The customer profile includes leading telecom components producers, start-ups as well as leading Government Research Centers and Univ.
- Market share has increased to ~ 20% (merchant market), # 1 European/American producer.

- With its proprietary Epiready technology (EPICLEAN ), the company is strategically positioned to be a dominant supplier of InP substrates.


- EPICLEAN : lowest contamination before (on the substrate epi-ready surface) and after epitaxy (substrate-epilayer interface).

InPACT epiready recipe has been developed to control the contamination level. Unlike competing recipes, our cleanroom environment, our consumables and our chemistry are monitored with the TOF SIMS tool, to check in real time the level of contamination, thereby reducing the risk of trace elements during all the wafer processing steps.
EPICLEAN enables InPACT to produce substrates with superior epi-ready surface cleanliness which leads to purer substrate-epilayer interface by up to one order of magnitude as proven by a number of MOCVD and MBE groups.

- Mechanically cleaved (distinguished from natural cleave) major flat with accuracy up to 0.02.

- Superflat surface with TTV< 3um and LTIR < 0.8 um.

- 4" diameter products with the support of the French Anvar and European organisations (Eureka, Eurimus) for HBTs and InGaAs detectors.